Innovative technologies in biotoner manufacturing

TonerCoin is a token, secured by real assets.
Status: working product (MVP)

Real output

Unique, stable and innovative product with blockchain integration

The toner contains organic components

30% discount when exchanging token for product

Fully transparency of investment and manufacturing

Token buyback every quarter with consequent removal

How it works

We work with printing and toners for over 15 years. In our team we have toner manufacturing engineers and PhDs. We look into the future and see, how important it is to save resources and to reduce the health and environment risks

Advantages of TonerCoin

  • Ecological compatibility. One of the components of the biotone is sugar. To recycle a biotone, much less energy is required than for the disposal of polymer toner.
  • Unique process of polymerization. For toner manufacturing we use special melting process, by which toner particles are produced with lesser size and more uniform (spherical) shape, rather than toners produced by traditional methods. Because of that, id does not have any competitors. Crisp text and lines, smooth surface, which can compete with an offset printing, and this is not all of the advantages of our toner.
  • Lower temperature required for bonding. By that, our toner is more power-efficient and can be used on more materials.
  • Longer-lasting cartridge. Our toner has special components, that are capable of polishing photoconductor during printing, that makes it last longer.
  • High adhesity. Our toner is made of wax and high-quality polymer with high adhesivity (bonding of toner with paper). Even with using high-density materials, wax will give nice natural shine and uniformity of colour.
  • Finely dispersed. Average size of toner particles is 5 to 10 microns. The finer and uniform the particles, the lower the abrasiveness and higher the dpi, density and quality of printing will be.


Toner market

4,33 Billions

of dollars will be the estimated toner market size by the end of 2020, and with every year it grows by 5.8%.

Non-bio toners market share


of all the market size in 2013. Development of bio-toners is expected to open new opportunities for environment care.

The global demand for toner

216 Kilotons

every year and this number is growing. Growth of the digital printing market in the packaging sector is expected to be one of the primary factors driving the printing toners market during the forecast period.

Polyethylene recycling

700 Grams

of recycled polyethylene is in 1 kilo of TonerCoin toner. Price of recycled polyethylene is lower, so we would be able to cut costs significantly.

Cost price of printing 1 copy is about 1 cent. Our technology allows to cut costs for 50% without making constructive changes in printers. Technological structure of toner is adapted in such way, that every printer, which will be manufactured in five years, would be able to use our toner. By using blockchain we get our technology to go globally, lowering expenses of end user.

What is TonerCoin

Business, based on experience

We work with printing and toners for over 15 years, we look into the future and see, how important it is to save resources and to reduce the health and environment risks. That is why we decided to make a unique technology for biotoner manufacturing!

New technology

New technology is developed, which allows to cut costs for toner manufacturing for 50%, and make quality of product higher and price lower. Technology is developed with considering printing area development for 10 years.

Innovations and engineering

In our team we have toner manufacturing engineers and PhDs. We are constantly developing new products, which are used in manufacturing.

Ecological manufacturing

We care about environment, that is why we use ecological way of biotoner manufacturing. We use recycled components. In base of our technology there are natural materials, that is totally innovative in toner manufacturing.

Blockchain, integrated in manufacturing

We are pioneers in using blockchain in manufacturing and contract procedures. That allows to work in an innovative way. Transparent, accessible and globally. Everyone can use our product without third-parties.

All our production is marked by special QR-code. This code is placed inside the packaging or under the bottle cap and it cannot be forged before packaging or bottle is opened.

By scanning the code, buyer can check it on TonerCoin site, where it will show information which region, country or service center it was for.

Absence of code or it being fake can help us to track unfair suppliers and solve the problems.

Token Sale

Bounty start date: 01.10.2018
Bounty end date: 30.11.2018
Bounty Token Supply: 3 000 000

Pre-ICO start date: 01.11.2018
Pre-ICO end date: 30.11.2018
Pre-ICO Token Supply: 3 000 000
Soft cap: 50,000 USD
Hard cap: 300,000 USD

ICO start date: 01.12.2018
ICO end date: 31.12.2018
ICO Token Supply: 11 000 000
Hard cap: 3,850,000 USD

Ticker: TONER
Type: Utility-token
Token Standard: ERC-20
Additional Token Emission: No

Token price in PRE-ICO USD:
1 Token = 0.10 USD

Token price in ICO USD:
1 day: 1 Token = 0.35 USD
2 day: 1 Token = 0.45 USD
3-31 day: 1 Token = 0.55 USD
Accepted Currencies: ETH


Token TonerCoin

Limited amount of tokens

Tokens are created during the company and when the investor wants to buy token, in that case there is no need for token removal. Amount of token is not to exceed 18 300 000 Toner.

Automatic token removal

When exchanging tokens for product 90% of tokens will be removed automatically.

Buyback of tokens every quarter

We care about our investors, that is why every quarter we will do buyback of tokens for amount of 30% of profit, proven by tax reporting.

Constant token price increase.

Constant demand for our products 24 hour a day with discount of 30% when exchanging tokens for product will support high amount of trades on market, and constant removal of tokens, and its buyback will rocket token prices.

Presale of productions after ICO

Directly after ICO we will do a presale on our site. The more pre-orders will be, the less tokens be on market.

Accumulation for building new factories.

10% of tokens after removal will be on smart-contract for accumulation to build new factories with banned withdraw until needed sum is reached. It is in our interests that token price be growing.


Making TonerCoin. Idea. Modernising current toner preparing technology, search for new ways of upgrading toner quality, reducing particles size and cutting costs.
Creating long-term strategy of TonerCoin
Selection of technical solutions, making experimental toner-manufacturing plant, design work.
Revision of plant and testing. Launch of MVP. Testing the prototype
Preparation for ICO, registrating legal entity,bounty
PRE-ICO, marketing company
ICO, registration on stock market
Buying land for building facility. Building facility. Presale through exchange of tokens to toner with 30% discount and following removal of tokens.
Start of sales. Making orders in stock market every 4 month with buybacking for 30% from profit of Quarter with following removal of tokens.


October 2018

3 million tokens

300 000$


November 2018

1-31 day = 0,1$
soft cap 50 000$
hard cap 300 000$


December 2018

1 day = 0,35 $
2 day = 0,45 $
3-31 day = 0,55 $
hard cap 3 850 000 $

Factory building

January 2019 - November 2019

Registration on stock market
Presale of production
with following token removal

End of work

October - November 2019

Factory built

Direct sales

January 2020

Shipment of pre-orders


Funds cannot be withdrawn by TonerCoin team

We can only withdraw after success of PRE-ICO. By that, we guarantee honesty to our investors.

Automatic refund

If we can not reach needed amount during PRE-ICO, in 2 months investors can refund.

Honesty of transactions

For transparency and honesty of transactions, you can see all of them. We accept only ETH. You can convert to ETH in your investor account.

Limit of BOUNTY

Only we can issue tokens and only until the date of ICO. During ICO we can not do that.

Automatic removal of tokens

When exchanging tokens for product, tokens are automatically removed

Limits on ICO

On every stage we need specific amount in USD. After reaching goals or deadline we can not raise any more money.

Our Team

Dolgov Alexandr
CEO. Smart-contract developer, solidity developer

Shitikov Alexey
CO-CEO. Project manager

Smirnov Alexey
Technical director. Information support of the company

Bovin Sergey
COO. Head technology specialist of toner manufacturing, toner manufacturing plant engineer.

Golubitskiy Egor
Technology specialist, technological process engineer, toner quality control

Serebryakov Alexandr
Office equipment engineer, refilling cartridges.

Serebryakova Marina
Office-manager, documentation.

Gorshkov Semen
Designing layouts and leaflets

Bannykh Ivan
CMO. Blockchain consultant, investment in Blockchain trainer (head of BlockChain Ural)

Adaev Kanat
CMO. Blockchain consultant, investment in Blockchain trainer (head of BlockChain Ural)

Sharipov Denis
Head of VTB Leasing of Chelyabinsk region, financial consultant

Kuznetcov Vasiliy
Associate Professor, Candidate of Economic Sciences, Lecturer in CSU, stock market consultant.